The HOMETEL Project
A project combining 60 art-acts executed in 60 Amsterdam hotels. Starting 1 January 2000 Zwierzyñska travelled within the hotel-world (1 hotel per day-and-night) and for two months she gathered image- and text-material originating from these hotels documenting her day-to-day experiences. This included the involvement of hotel-guests, the staff, the rooms and often ‘back-door’ entrances. The regular hotel experiences ran parallel to art-related happenings, numerous collaborations, small-scale publications, etc. Consequently HOMETEL became a series of intense performances, closely linked and followed by the media. The complete process was shown through a daily Internet broadcast, which changed through the project’s progress according to the daily needs and the public’s response, as well as a weekly column in ‘de Volkskrant’ (self written and freely designed).

Some of the happenings did not work out as planned, and others turned out to be bigger-than-life experiences. Most were open to the public, e.g.:
- Hotel Tulip Inn housed a lecture on ‘The Love For Photography’ by performer Nel Berger, followed by a photo-exhibition compiled by Zwierzyñska, which included Holland’s leading photographers and their single, most favourite works.
- Improvised in the Fresco Room of Hotel Arena the ‘Hometel Cinema’ did a screening of the Dutch low budget and highly acclaimed “Fl.19,99”, a film about a high-class hotel and its guests at the brink of the millennium. After the screening the temporary cinema was quickly transformed back into a dance-venue by the film viewers.
- Hotel Seven-One-Seven’s library featured the ‘Poetry Evening’ and artist, graphic designer and poet Melle Hammer with his freshly written bundle of poems. To commemorate the reading he added the unique copy of the verse to the library’s collection.
- As the 1st guest of the not yet opened Lloyd Hotel Zwierzyñska projected slides of empty interiors and created ‘perfect’ rooms in completely empty spaces. Placing herself in these imaginary hotel-rooms she interacted with the images, which resulted in an illusive photo-series and video.
- ‘Sport Day’ at Hotel Vondel - an organized jogging session with a fitness instructor, fully documented by a photographing and jogging reporter, filmed by Zwierzyñska.
- Hotel Trianon was base to a ‘Copy Day’ and featured Zwierzyñska in the hotel lobby copying the right hands of literally all the hotels guests, complete with their names and signatures.

HOMETEL resulted in a ‘dummy’ publication called “Trip”, an atmospheric travelogue through the different hotel interiors. The book shows impressions of lonesome rooms and chaotic image-rich experiences sealing the glamorous and kitsch full-colour photocopies in a soft-cushioned cover.


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The HOMETEL project was supported by:

Het Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst
Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Rabobank Amsterdam
Summix Apple Center
Océ-Nederland BV
S-Color en Berlage Design bv Fotolijsten Industrie
Body Desk
VVV/Amsterdam Tourist Board (de heer H. Dominicus)
AMS Hotel Group (de heer F.M. Werners)
Eden Hotelgroup (de heer S. Dijkstra)
and 60 Amsterdam hotels