The Housewives Project
Inspired by news of the 1st World Housewives’ Conference held in Buenos Aires, Zwierzyñska went onto realizing the Housewives’ Project in Santo Domingo in 1996 at the 2nd World Housewives’ Conference. There she handed out throwaway cameras to the participants of the conference together with a couple of assignments, among others to photograph their hotel rooms, i.e. their temporary living rooms, or their homes if they were local. Zwierzyñska herself chronicled the conference and portrayed all the women and their experiences during their week’s stay in the Caribbean. Avoiding a political or social statement the project intended to show an intimate glance into a housewife’s womanhood.

The efforts brought about a very personal photo-collection, which combined together with clippings, quotes, housekeeping tips from household magazines from the 40s, 50s and 60s and drawings, produced a poetical image of a housewife, the housekeeper, the mother, the wife and the homemaker. The resulting ‘dummy’ book, directly resembles a rip-off calendar without the days, suggesting ‘time passing’ and allowing the readers to tear out and keep their favourite pages.


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