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Sexy No.1 Faces & Sexy No.2 Xmas
An erotic/art magazine that researches the boundaries of pornography imagery in relation to Art. It is created, designed and published by Agata Zwierzyñska and comes out in a limited edition of 500 copies, except for “SEXY No.3”, which was a single copy. SEXY resembles 60s and 70s ‘girlie magazines’ in its design, its overall impression, its print-work and topic, but it uses images of today’s cliché. The first issue “SEXY No.1 Faces” presents a carefully selected set of porn-film-stills, picturing faces of women in the moment of sexual ecstasy. It also features the script of a 90-minute porn-film. The follow-up “SEXY No.2 Xmas” came out at Christmas’99 and featured a pseudo striptease.

Sexy No.3 Very
The special issue “SEXY No.3 Very” was made uniquely for the exhibition ‘HIDDEN’ (Baby, Amsterdam), where some 70 Dutch photographers and image-makers presented works not yet developed, works often still in photographic-film form. A buyer chose the artwork guided by the name of the maker, the short description of the presented work and the price. He also decided the fate of the images by choosing to develop the film or keep it undeveloped, in this way increasing the mystique surrounding the photo-works. The buyer interacted with the status of the work and stayed solo owner of an image that he saw even before the maker did.

The magazine is a non-profit project founded by its author. Its low price is designed to reach a broad public with a ‘cheap’ image of high quality.


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