The Last Interview

The Last Interview, Beachy Head, UK, April-May 2004
A project about suicide and its tragic dispare. It took place on the cliffs of Beachy Head on the south coast of England, a place notorious for suicides. From mid April 2004 for 4 weeks during the statistically highest suicide rates I patrolled the edge of the 200m tall chalk cliffs. A resulting one-off performance exhibiting the gathered and made materials, was presented at the Rijksacademy in Amsterdam.

Eventually the project went onto becoming a screenplay for a stop-motion animation/movie (Drowning In Nightmares), a series of projects & performances at artists' residency Het Vijfde Seizoen, and a multi-media installation (The Suicide Of An Octopus).

Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder, NL, 2005

In 2005 I stayed at Het Vijfde Seizoen, an artists' residency on the premises of a psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder. Next to filming & developing the installation, and a pinhole camera photo series of female patients, the work-period included a multi-project workshop with the patients and art students, guests of the institution. See the work of other Het Vijfde Seizoen residents.

The Suicide Of An Octopus, multimedia installation, 2008
A 4-beamer site-specific large-scale video-, still- & animation projection. The story is a would-be re-enactment of the final moments of a female "jumper" whose personal belongings I found at the bottom of the cliffs at Beachy Head. Featuring among others a stop-motion animation of a suicidal octopus & a visual fall from the cliffs the installation loops randomly constantly generating new image landscapes.


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