True a Lie

Performance "True a Lie"
As part of a critical studies seminar at Goldsmiths College on 6 March 2001, Zwierzyñska performed a lie detector test as its subject. Facing the viewers, a spotlight in her face, strapped into a chair and connected to a lie detector she answered questions put to her by the public. The questions were not restricted while her answers were limited to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Her reactions and face expression were shown on a large real-time video projection behind her. Next to it, also enlarged were the movements of the voltmeter's hand swinging sideways according to her response. The Interrogator - a strict clerk sitting next to Agata at a table with a small spotlight, introduced the performance. Both their voices where amplified through speakers. The performance lasted for 15 minutes and was documented on video.


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