Agata Zwierzyñska

Born 1972 in Warsaw + lives in Amsterdam


2000-01     MA course in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, London
1992-96     BA in Graphic Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
1991          graduated from Gymnasium of Jose Marti, Warsaw (specialised in Maths and Physics)

BOOKS, projects & performances (selection)

2017-20     “CAC” – a book about my father (in progress)
2014-20     “Ebay(MAD)ness” – book project (in progress)
2015-20     “Elephant Voices” – elephant drawings for elephant scientist Joyce Pool (in progress)
2011-16     “SECRET BETWEEN US, Lingerie Queen” – Ebay negligé (dummy, 2 ex, 1060 pagina’s, 28x37cm)
2010          “Het Vijfde Seizoen” – group publication based on experiences from an artist residency at a psychiatric clinic
2007          The HOMETEL Wall at the Lloyd Hotel
2006          “Me and I” dummy publication (2 copies)
2006          ‘Photo Studio’, 2-hour performance recorded live for the VPRO TV broadcasting company
2005          “Drowning In Nightmares” a stop-motion animation film screenplay
2005          CLINICVILLE, workshop with 12 other artists, psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder
2005          ‘Me and I’ pinhole camera photo series of schizophrenic patients
2004          project ‘The Last Interview’, Beachy Head, UK
2002-03     Half Way Home Image Consulting at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1997-02     Barcelona Project and the publication of resulting book “Underworld” (2002, Artimo, 1500 copies)
2001          “A.G.I. alien genetic intelligence” (6 copies)– a science-fiction autobiographical photographic novel
2001          ‘True a Lie’ performance
2000          The HOMETEL Project, ‘dummy’ book “Trip” (2 copies) & 9 weekly columns in newspaper De Volkskrant
2000          “Lust&Gratie”, photo-series in special colour edition of this bimonthly Dutch literary magazine
2000          “Sexy” No.3 Very, an erotic/art magazine (self-published, single copy)
1999          “Sexy” No.2 Xmas (self-published, 500 copies)
1999          “Sexy” No.1 Faces (self-published, 500 copies)
1999          “Listen® The Telephone Book. Visitors Guide” ‘dummy’ (The Best of… “Listen® The Telephone Book”, 1 copy)
1998          “Listen® The Telephone Book”, winning publication of the Prix de Rome 1998 (single copy)
1996          Housewives’ Project and resulting ‘dummy’ book-publication (2 copies)
1995          India Project and the publication of “The Calcutta Diaries” (Océ-NLAgata Zwierzyñska 1998, Amsterdam, 100 copies)
1995          “The Ten Language Sound Dictionary” Project and publication (Idea Books, Amsterdam, 2000 copies)

grants, artist in residence, prizes and competitions (selection)

2012-16     2 Portraits (“Lingerie Queen”, Ebay Madness) - multi-project grant Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)
2009          basic grant Mondriaan Fund (previously FBKVB)
2007          residency at Netwerk, centre for contemporary art in Aalst, Belgium
2006          project grant for preproduction of stop-motion animation film “Drowning In Nightmares” - FBKVB
2005          residency at Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season), psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder
2005          screenplay grant for animation-film "Drowning in Nightmares" - Mondriaan Fonds
2003          basic grant FBKVB
2002          residency at Künstlerhaus Bethenie in Berlin - FBKVB
2001          special graduation project prize for the book “A.G.I.” - The Ray Finnis Charitable Trust, London
2000          study grant for MA course in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College - FBKVB
2000          study grant - Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
1999          HOMETELproject subsidy - FBKVB
1999          research subsidy for project HOMETEL - Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)
1998          winner of 1st prize Prix de Rome for Graphic Art
1998          publication subsidy for the Barcelona Project - Mondriaan Foundation
1997          starter stipend FBKVB
1996          starter stipend FBKVB

solo exhibitions

2007          Pictura, Den Bosch
2007          HOMETEL Project installation, Day of Architecture, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam
2005          Pictura, Dordrecht
2005          Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder
2003          HALF WAY HOME at FBKVB (Dutch Foundation for Fine Art, Design and Architecture), Amsterdam
2003          video installation for public debate with Dutch Minister of Culture, de Balie , Amsterdam
2003          Künstlerhaus Bethenien, Berlin
2002          ‘Pre-Fab No1’, ARTIS, s’Hertogenbosch
1998          Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)

group exhibitions (selection)

2020          TEST PRESS – 20 Years of Student Publications, ENTER-ENTER, Amsterdam
2002-18     yearly exhibition ‘RCA Secret’, Royal College of Art, London
2009          ‘200 Jaar Prix de Rome’, Kunsthal, Rotterdam
2007          ‘Hotel Gridiron’, Netwerk centre for contemporary art, Aalst, Belgium
2005          ‘How Much Is That Doggie In The Window’, Kunstlijn, Haarlem
2005          ‘PrintROOM’, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn
2005          ‘Printing Matters’, Witte de Wit, Rotterdam
2003-04     yearly popup exhibition ‘Top Shop’, graphic art show&sale, Berlin
2003          ‘Exhibit 001’, Nth Art, Ols &Co Gallery, London
2003          ‘Anachronismen 2003’, Eggenfelden, Germany
1997-2003 yearly ‘Rietveld naar de beurs!’, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
2002          ‘The Last Supper’, Panama, Amsterdam
2002          ‘Commitment’, Las Palmas, Rotterdam
2001          ‘Unbreakable’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2001          ‘2001 Public Space Odyssey’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2000          ‘2nd Best’, Peblinc, Copenhagen, Denmark
2000          ‘Hidden’, Baby, Amsterdam
2000          ‘Nieuwe Leden’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
1999          ‘Prent’99’, graphic art exhibition, Nijmegen
1999          ‘Graphics’, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Leiden
1998          ‘Winners of the Prix de Rome for Graphic Art’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
1998          ‘Democracy Show’, Gate Foundation, Amsterdam
1998          10 years of FBKVB, Kunsthal, Rotterdam

short films & Internet based work

2009          “Everybody Wants To Go To Japan”
2005-08     “The Suicide of an Octopus”
2005          “Together Forever. Martine & Johan”
2005          “The Kiss. Simona & Miltos”
2004          “Murder Scenes”
2002          “Remember”
2002          “I’m a Star”
2002          “Half Way”
2002          regular Internet broadcasts of HALF WAY HOME project reportages
2001          “Impossible Pil&Galia”
2000          “Tati Tata”
2000          “Agata at the Lloyd Hotel”
2000          “Listen® The Telephone Book Clip”
2000          60 Internet film clips of the HOMETEL project experiences
2000-         launch of website (in progress)
1998          “Dear Melany”
1998          “Snuff Movie”

art festivals, lectures and discussions (selection)

2007          Trans Artists - expert meeting
2007          Berlin-Amsterdam/Amsterdam-Berlin, DAAD, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
2005          ‘Steal My Idea’, de Balie, Amsterdam
2002          guest lecture at the Sandberg Institute
2001          ‘Wonder of Detail’ workshop at Fine Art Academy in Den Bosch (AKV St. Joost)
2000          The 2nd Baltic Seminar on ‘Artists in Residence’, Newcastle
2000          The First Rocket Clip Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam
2000          ‘Pornography in Art’ discussion at Perdu Literature Club, Amsterdam
1999          ‘Mooie Dingen’ - “Zomergasten Live” at O42 cultural festival in Nijmegen
1999          ‘Sample Minds’ - Studium Generale at Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
1999          guest lecture at  Rietveld Academy’s Photography Department
1998          de Appel - magazine-design review & video showcase

freelance work (selection)

2016-20     tekeningen voor ontwerpen lampen, vloer, wanden etc. Artis, Amsterdam - Merk-X (in progress)
2015          illustrations for the carpets of Rotterdam Stadshuis - Merk-X
2014          illustrations for interior of Villa In De Duinen - Merk-X
2014          illustrations for the carpets of law office Rutgers en Posch, Amsterdam - Merk-X
2013          illustrations for the carpets of law office Kennedy van der Laan - Merk-X
2012-14     sketch drawings for the new museum in Artis/Zoo Amsterdam  (Merkx+Girod BV)
2008-09     drawings for the interior of the Dutch Hermitage (Merkx+Girod BV)
2008          drawings for Julia’s pasta take-away shops, logo & interior (Merkx+Girod BV)
2007          illustrations for the development plans of the Dutch Hermitage (Merkx+Girod BV)
2006          drawings for the presentation of the transformation of KPN into TNT (Merkx+Girod BV)
2005          Carpet design, Dutch Queen’s 25th Anniversary, Raad van State, The Hague (Merkx+Girod BV)
1998-99     “Gedicht 99” - book-project in cooperation with poet Guus Luyters
1996-98     illustrations for department store Hema, Amsterdam, Rotterdam (Merkx+Girod BV)
1996-00     illustrations for a selection of magazines (among others ‘Elle Tuinen’ and ‘Elle Wonen’)

projects during studies at the Rietveld Academy

1996          ‘de Wallen’, final exam presentation in the Red Light District, Amsterdam
1995          Buro 100, self-founded Graphic Design students’ co-operative
1995          ‘Muppy’-billboard Project, part of ‘Holland Festival’
1994          Poland Project and group exhibition in De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam