The Calcutta Diaries

The India Project
A 100-day project in India, observing and picturing the lives of young women of Calcutta:

- college students
- Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity & other NGOs
- young business women
- women of the slums
- artists & art students
- prostitutes.

Establishing a strong bond with the portrayed women, stealing their reflections and emotions, gathering materials and taking hundreds of photographs, making the women and their families take snapshots, would lead to a collection of visual stories. For example giving art lessons to kids of prostitutes led to a set of photo-portraits taken by the children of their mothers. I derived a day-bag collecting system dividing my journey into day-by-day stories, which later became a travel diary.

The Calcutta Diaries
(self-published with Océ NL, 100 copies, 158pgs, 19x27cm standing)
The best of my collected items form a full-colour photocopied hard cover image-book together with an 8-page B&W newspaper of hand-written diary pages.

(just a few copies remaining)

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