a workshop
A weeklong workshop with and about psychiatric patients organised at the artist residency Het Vijfde Seizoen. Aaf van Essen (Rietveld Academy, Sandberg Institute) and myself invited a diverse group of motivated young Dutch artists. Together we inspired a broad selection of artworks (films, performances, photos etc), discussions and interesting clashes within the psychiatric clinic. Clinicville also left behind a limited edition hand-numbered publication featuring the immediate impressions of the artists after being confronted with the world of madness.

Daan de Haan
Emi Kodama
Fenna Orre de Jong
Frederik Molenschot
Jam van der Aa

Jonas van der Poel
Kaleb de Groot
Kor Smeenge
Rogier Klomp
Sjef Meijman
Stijn Belle
and the residents of the clinic


my residency
het vijfde seizoen
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