The Hometel Wall

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam Day of Architecture June 2007

The Hometel Project
During the Hometel Project (2000) I became the first guest of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel, a used to be confinement for temporary asylum seekers from the east, was at that time in its early renovation stages, and lacked any facilities or even basic interior.

True to my project’s principles I stayed each day at a different hotel in Amsterdam. Each hotel was base to a performance, fitting that specific hotel. This in turn I documented on photo & video, broadcasted daily on the Internet (one of Holland's first VLOGs) and published weekly in the Volkskrant newspaper.

The Lloyd Hotel
At the Lloyd Hotel I chose to project interiors reproduced from magazines on the bare walls of the building, simulating cosy or stylish surroundings. I interacted with these projections and placed myself within their spectrum wearing a white cloak, which also absorbed parts of the atmosphere (see movie).

Day of Architecture
During the Day of Architecture (2007) the Hometel Project was revived and featured a wall full of photographic impressions of the one-off hotel performances. 10x15cm snapshots where pinned to an enormous wall forming a image-spitting cloud (see photos on the left).

Next to the Hometel Wall on show where the video impressions filmed during my stay at the Lloyd Hotel, as well as Trip the book resulting from the project (see also movie Remember).