The Housewives Project
Inspired by news of the 1st World Housewives’ Conference held in Buenos Aires in 1995, the following year I went to Santo Domingo to realize the Housewives’ Project at the 2nd World Housewives’ Conference. I handed out throwaway cameras to the conference's participants with a few assignments. I chronicled the conference and portrayed all the women and their experiences during their week’s stay in the Caribbean. Avoiding a political or social statement I intended to show an intimate glimpse into a housewife’s womanhood.

The tear-off calendar style artists' book paired the assignement photos with clippings, quotes, housekeeping tips from household magazines from the 40s, 50s and 60s resulting in an ode to the housewife, the housekeeper, the mother, the wife and the homemaker. It is a "calendar" without the days, allowing the viewers to tear out and keep their favourite pages.

The 2nd World Conference of HOUSEWIVES.
Santo Domingo, Christmas 1999.
99 housewives + 1 artist + 100 cameras + 5 assignemens:
• your home or hotel-room
• your family,
• your best friend
• yourself...
...and whatever you want!


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