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Immer Wieder Klebe Klub in Berlin
Amsterdam beginning of 2002: graphic designer Roosje Klap sets up Club Plak together with a group of artists, photographers, designers, writers and musicians. Their mission is to reclaim lost public space in the over-organised world of today.
This month's guest of HALF WAY HOME Image Consulting is Club Plak on tour from Amsterdam: Immer Wieder Klebe Klub!
During their residency Klebe Klub will silkscreen posters throughout the day and paste them on Berlin street walls every night. 13 different contributors will
give the city of Berlin 11 ‘souvenirs’ from the city of Amsterdam.

from the


broadcasts began
August the 6th


15th August 2002

Agata Zwierzyñska & Roosje Klap


The contributors are:

Claudie de Cleen
Uta Eisenreich
Odilo Girod
Katrin Korfmann
Anders Hofgaard
Floor Koomen
Kaleb de Groot
Nathalie Bruys
Yoeri Albrecht
Roosje Klap
Agata Zwierzyñska
Melle Hammer
Esther de Vries

all these people find
themselves somewhere
half way home

Special thanx to
Gerrit Gohlke

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Made possible thanks to the Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and de Künstlerhaus Bethanien.