No Words

A month long performance during the MA course at Goldsmiths College, London. In November 2000 I completely stopped speaking. Instead I sought other ways of communicating. I observed and documented what this experiment did with my surroundings. One of the many results of the project was an interactive computer program generating my voice (agi.voice). Another outcome was "The Wall of Words" featuring a collage of words that I most often used or that were most important to me. The words, each on their unique piece of white paper and given a distinctive position and size according to their importance, were pinned down very precisely on a white wall and formed a huge web of memories and connections. The next product of project ‘No Words’ was an image diary showing the daily frustrations of speechlessness through TV stills, carefully chosen to fit the mood of the day. A series of 6 booklets showing ‘the best of’ the thousands of notes that I wrote during the no-words month substituted the spoken language. Featuring short thoughts rather than whole sentences the books put these chaotic text fragments into associative contexts and thus formed thematic narrative. The performance culminated in ‘Agata Cracked-up’ - a live-size self-portrait torn, cut-up and put together again.

Developed in collaboration with musician John Eacott. This tailored version of SuperCollider, a computer program generating endless random loops, transformed my voice into a sound piece interactively triggered by viewers. Agi.voice became the bridge between project ‘No Words’ and the dummy-book “A.G.I.”, and was part of my 2001 Goldsmiths College MA graduation degree-show.




agata cracked-up
wall of words

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