The Ten Language
Sound Dictionary

The Ten Language Sound Dictionary
(2000 copies, 62 pgs, 11x15,5cm standing)
A Rietveld Academy assignment about ‘The Double Meaning of Words’ led to a personal process of comparing sounds from all over the World.

Pointing out differences between countries, their cultures, mentalities and languages led to using one of the most universal of languages - the language of sounds and noises. Sounding the same to most, noises tend to be written and pronounced differently all around the World. This principle served as base for forming an ‘international dictionary’. 10 writers, translators and teachers put their expert knowledge together and translated 50 sounds into their own languages, creating a collection of personal phonemics.

The book, a red, pocketsize, canvas coated hard cover, illustrated with my child-like drawings, was published by Dutch distributor Idea Books in 1995, in Amsterdam.


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Ten Language Sound Dictionary
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