The Barcelona Project
“Underworld”, the result of The Barcelona Project, a co-operation of three different disciplines: photography (Michiel van Nieuwkerk), writing (Yoeri Albrecht) and graphic design (Agata Zwierzyñska). The publication is a detective photo-comics. Its story was narrated and shot on the streets of Barcelona in a work period of two weeks, using the city as a natural background for the fight between the Good and the Bad.

The book is a literal as well as an associative sample of films, music, lyrics, photographs, poetry, literature and the media building around Goethe’s classic tale of Faust. With its form it creates a new story, intending to fit in at newsstands, art bookshops, comics- and plain bookstores.

The project researched the borders of each discipline and tried to cross them to make their inter-action more alive and exciting, both for the project participants as well as the intended readers. “Underworld” offers a broad range of just over a 100 full-colour pages, treated as double-spreads, and aims at surprising and challenging the viewer. Its glossy recycling makes it readable and recognizable.


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The project was partly subsidized by
The Mondriaan Fonds.

The book was published
in April 2002 by Artimo.

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