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Are you an artist, a vagabond, an anti establishment creative activist or all of these in one?
Or maybe you’re just wandering between many different cultures, happily lost without roots - free from ties to keep you down?
New places, new people. Are you addicted to change, to integration? Does it feel good to be in-between or do you miss home?
Do you still know what home is? When did you last ask yourself what you miss when you’re away from home?
People? Four safe walls? Things? Food? Weather? Language?


What do you replace them with? Do you make something new instead, acquire new things, set new rules?
What did you take with you to remind you of home? What did you decide to leave behind? How fast do you adjust to your new environment and what do you look for when you first arrive in a new city? What do you hope to find? How long does it take you to change your identity, to change who you are, or who you think you are? How much can you change?
How has mobility influenced your identity? Where do you belong?
Does it matter? Does it matter to YOU?

Half Way Home Image Consulting is a creative residency-within-a-residency. For a period of anywhere between 1hour and 1week artists will be invited to perform, produce and co-produce work in my artist-in-residence studio nr. 245, at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. This yearlong project based in structure on the common to Germany image consultancy bureaus aiming at helping Eastern Germans adjust to their new Western identity, will in this case aim at portraying the perfect artist of today and his place in modern culture. Questioning his identity, both personal and nation wise, and reflecting his image and works, it will generate a series of real-time happenings – both live and on the Internet, that will be documented and saved for possible future publication and festival. The Half Way Home office curated by myself will regularly update its website http://www.xs4all.nl/~agata/half_way_home.html for those unable to view the performances in person. The project will offer work and/or living facilities to the artists and will pick out creatively conscious people to provoke an active artistic and critical exchange.


The project was launched with a live graffiti session by Berlin's T2B Crew, consisting of Deko, History, Migel, Rok156 & Stone. During the launch party on July 11, 2002 the beatbox moderators Beatbox Bindo, Bee Low and Gonzzalez performed against the beats of the Phaderheads DJ Tash and DJ Werd.

This session was followed by the Club Plak poster project of Roosje Klap from Amsterdam. Next are the Swedish artists/DJs Allen Grubesic and Karl Tuikkannen with their invention Sport.01, as well as the street artist and DJ Raimond Chaves from Columbia, two acts among several other performances by artists, street performers, musicians, filmmakers and amateurs. You will also be able to join me on my visits to an image consultancy firm, where I will be advised on how, in the 21st century, an artist should present him/herself.

Welcome to Half Way Home Image Consulting, located at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

See you soon,
Agata Zwierzyñska

Made possible thanks to the Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and de
Künstlerhaus Bethanien.


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