Natalja M*****a
Secret Between Us

artist's book, 22000 images, 1060 pgs, 28x37x8cm standing

A visual ode to my Queen of eBay negligee - Natalja M*****a. A Taschen-style full-colour 1000+ page book. A collection of 22.000 Internet photos of a scarcely clothed faceless female, a seller of vintage lingerie, sometimes covered in secretive bruises. Working like a detective I have found out that Natalja, a used to be Lithuanian escort, is now an ebay merchant & the wife of a rich American estate magnate from Illinois. The book is a personal voyeuristic voyage allowing a peek into their bedroom via the keyhole of the Internet.

Natalja V********e comes from the former Soviet Union.
She lives in Illinois.
Natasha (to her friends) is married to Mr. Vito M*****a.
Mr. M*****a is a wealthy real estate magnate.
Natalja used to work at an escort service.
Now she sells vintage negligee on eBay & poses in the clothes she sells.
Mr. M*****a & Natalja shoot the pictures in their bedroom in Park Ridge.
Natasha doesn’t know I know...


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