"A.G.I. Alien Genetic Intelligence" photographic novel
A.G.I. is a 100-page full-colour limited edition publication (6 copies), featuring a science-fiction semi-autobiography of a young woman. The book, a sample and collage of literature and personal family albums, divided into years and chapters, is photocopied and bound by hand. Co-edited with British writer and art critic Duncan McLaren “A.G.I.” was Zwierzyñska’s graduation project at the MA Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College, London.

Developed in collaboration with musician John Eacott. This tailored version of SuperCollider, a computer program generating endless random loops, transformed Zwierzyñska’s voice into a sound piece interactively triggered by viewers. Agi.voice became the bridge between project ‘No Words’ and the dummy-book “A.G.I.”, and was presented at the 2001 Goldsmiths College MA degree-show (go see degree-show presentation).

A filmic impression of books TRIP & A.G.I. in one.


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