Camera-obscura potrait series
While staying at the artist-residency Het Vijfde Seizoen on the premises of a psychiatric clinic I was granted free contact with patients. Inspired by the 19th century psychiatric photography developed by Dr Diamond (UK) and Dr Charcot (F) I wanted to portray the female schizophrenic patient and capture her multiple personalities in a single picture. I used a handmade camera-obscura to photograph the befriended residents. The pinhole technique however proved unsuccessful in working with psychiatric patients. The 2min long exposure time produced extremely blurred images. My subjects were unable to keep still due to their condition and the medication they take. Eventually the newly formed friendships with my female subjects enabled me to impersonate them, dress, make-up and act and pose as if I was them. This pinhole photo-series is the result of a gradual process, of many photographic experiments, and most importantly, of trust and friendship.

See the series exhibited at Pictura in Dordrecht (NL).

See also time-slice movies made with 24 camera-obscura's.

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