Schepper de Schep

Performance "Photo Studio"
Impersonation act, following the Me & I photo series. After a 4-months stay at Het 5e Seizoen, an artists’ residency based on the premises of a psychiatric clinic (link to the residency), I staged a 2-hour performance on Dutch TV. In February 2006 the ingenious children’s program Schepper de Schep (VPRO) broadcasted a sketch, in which I undergo an extreme makeover and “become” the patients and employees of that same mental institution. Through a physical transformation, which included full make-up and wig application, as well as using clothes belonging to the individuals I was depicting, I pretended to take-on their personalities. My imitation process was to prove how deceiving photography can be, as well as how superficial and prejudiced our idea’s about (in)sanity are.

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